Build your own Bose!

I’ve heard of making music, but the BOSEbuild wireless speaker takes it literally! This badboy is a hi-fi audio speaker, but it comes absolutely disassembled, like an IKEA piece of furniture. Designed to be put together from scratch, this speaker aims at educating youngsters on the basic principles of sound and speaker design. The speaker comes as a kit, containing everything from the inner circuitry to the audio driver, cables, and even a transparent cube-shaped speaker body that can be easily assembled without the need for power tools of any kind.

The transparent design of the speaker really separates it from most of Bose’s products, however keeping true to its cause of being an educational gadget. Rather than settling for the premium aesthetic, the BOSEbuild works towards building curiosity in children with its transparent body, allowing kids to stare right into the heart of the speaker at the circuitry and the audio driver moving back and forth to deliver rich sound.

All the parts and components on the BOSEbuild are designed specifically keeping children in mind. Parts are made rugged and resilient, cords are colored in visible vibrant hues, and circuit boards are labeled clearly, so that children can easily and effectively put the speaker together. The BOSEbuild comes with an app that that guides children through the process of making the speaker from scratch while even going the distance to explain to them what they are doing and the principles of physics behind how the speaker produces sound.

What an incredible initiative to get children engaged on a completely different level with the technology around them! The BOSEbuild truly delivers on audio, as expected by Bose, but it also gives children the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from being able to say that they actually built a wireless audio speaker from scratch!

Designer: Bose Studio

Buy Now: $149.00