Earphones that let you go with the flow


Have you ever wondered why marching music (brass band music) is designed to have such a fixed rhythm? Because humans have a tendency to walk to any rhythm that they listen to. It’s usually between 100 to 128 beats per minute. This is an interesting theory, but you can actually make people subconsciously walk faster by playing faster music! (Enter any Disneyland and you’ll hear march-past music while you walk to the amusement park… Now you know why!)

The Tempo concept earphones work on that principle. Instead of selecting the music, you select a BPM value. The earphones then choose the music for you, so you end up jogging or running at a predetermined pace!

Obviously designed for sports activities, the earphones have a wireless, in-ear design that’s made to stay in place while running or exercising. They pull music from online music services like Spotify or Apple Music, while a medallion with a rocker switch allows you to set the tempo of your choice. What’s the most interesting about their design is its CFM (Color, Finish, Material) treatment. The earphones, medallion/remote, and charging case come with a spattered paint design that makes them look vibrant and unique. The spatter paint detail is comparable to beads of perspiration, but with their popping colors, they look more like a burst of energy. Couple that with the energetic music curated by the Tempo, and you’ve got yourself the perfect set of exercise/work-out earpieces!

Designer: Gianni Teruzzi












A shot of a beautiful sporty caucasian woman outdoor

A shot of a beautiful sporty caucasian woman outdoor