Tea for Two!


The Reverence tea brewer can be interpreted in two opposing ways. To some, it may look lopsided, leaning forward and ready to fall, creating a visual tension, to others it may look calm, brooding, almost bowing down in prayer or thought. Either which way, it makes the viewer feel a certain way, and that’s what makes it memorable.

Designed as a single unit but with two separate jars, the base jar is opaque and constructed out of perlite, giving it insulating properties. The water within is heated in an oven, post which it is stored in the lower chamber for further use. To brew the tea, one simply pours the water into the upper chamber with the tea leaves, allowing it to infuse the tea flavor over a period of 5-10 minutes. They say different ways of preparing tea result in tea that tastes dramatically different (I say that too, really). I wonder what tea will taste out of the Reverence tea brewer!

Designer: Hakan Gürsu