A Safer Way to Dry your Hands and Hair


I admit, I can spend a lot of time in the bathroom getting ready for my day and it can end up looking like a war zone afterwards with items spread around and cords all over the place – which definitely can be a shock hazard if not put away nice and neatly. However, storing items like my hair dryer is a pain, simply because there really isn’t a place to store it.

Designer Jaewan Choi feels my pain. Jaewan understands that in order to play it safe in the bathroom, something had to be created. The A’Design Award winning Hair and Hand Dryer is just the perfect solution. The Hair and Hand Dryer work in combination and is stored neatly on the bathroom wall.

The rechargeable, waterproof frame for the magic duo is also super safe, because in order to work, a button has to be pressed thus reducing the risk of shock. When you finish using the hair dryer, you just simply place it back on the holder to be recharged. A perfect pair that will fit any modern bathroom design.

Designer: Jaewan Choi