MoMo brings a mushroom-inspired mic for your video calls, podcast recordings

There are a lot of changes and trends that the pandemic brought to us and two of those things are virtual meetings and podcasts. And even though some parts of the world are getting back to normal, we think that online meetings and webinars as well as people producing podcasts will remain at least for the next couple of years. This means also that products and equipment that can make life easier for those doing these things will be thriving in the market.

Designer: Yifeeling Design Lab

MoMo is a product concept for a wireless Bluetooth microphone that looks more like an air purifier that looks like a mushroom than an actual microphone. But that just means you’ll have a unique device on your table that can become a conversation piece when someone sees you using it. The design is actually inspired by mushrooms as their principle is that design inspiration can come from various natural forms. And despite it being weird at first glance, this is actually an interestingly designed device.

The mushroom-shaped head is the main part of the device of course and the grill-like vents under serve some sort of audio purpose or so we assume. There isn’t a lot of information about the technical specifications since it’s still a concept but hopefully the quality of the microphone, if it becomes an actual product, will be pretty good aside from its interesting design. What most people are looking for now is the quality of the mic for their virtual meetings or podcast recordings, so this is a pretty important aspect.

Underneath the mushroom head, there are various controls for the volume and some pre-sets, probably for various circumstances. Underneath is a USB port and also a headphone jack in case you need headphones or earphones for your meeting or your recording, which you most likely will need (unless you’re using wireless headsets). When you see MoMo for the first time, you would be forgiven for thinking it’s an air purifier or even a portable fan. But once you get that it’s a microphone, the design will make sense.