Lily the Lake Purifier


Lily the Lake Purifier, a submission for the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge, addresses the problem of mercury in our lakes with a nature-inspired solution! It helps to make our fish and water safer for eating and recreation by utilizing a unique, specialized filter that traps mercury.

The filter itself is made out of a new synthetic coral that effectively absorbs and traps mercury. The solar-powered design harnesses the sun’s energy to drive a fan that ensures water is always passing through as well as a light that indicates when the filter is full and ready to be changed. The filter can be exchanged hands-free for safe and easy disposal.

Designed with protecting us and the environment in mind, its top buoy section keeps it visible to boats and swimmers to avoid collisions. Under the water, a special shell allows water to pass through but keeps fish and turtles at bay.

Designers: Emily Gawronski, Molly Beaghan, Kelsey Hill & Nicole Zyweic