Stop and Hear The Roses

The latest in a trend of devices that aim to get people off their phones and reconnected with nature, Nalo is a plantable, portable speaker that’s right at home in the garden. The design encourages users to enjoy the outdoors as much as their smart devices!

The base of the speaker must be planted in the earth for the stem to receive optimum sun exposure from which it is powered. Using the hands to manipulate the soil or sand in which it is physically planted connects users with the land. The stem is designed to concentrate and direct sound within a small radius to draw users closer to the speaker and therefore closer to nature. It’s perfect for taking to the park or simply using at home in your own outdoor space.

Based on the developing technology of liquid solar nanocrystals and the potential of solar paint, this speaker also explores the possibility of using a conductive internal fluid that absorbs light to produce sustainable energy. This liquid flows in a very thin cavity created by a double-walled profile of the stem, which has been 3D printed in ABS plastic along with the base. Its dynamic material quality is not only unique but a visually enchanting part of the product!

Designer: Nicole Hone