Making the Smartphone a Superphone!

If any of you have boarded the Pokemon Go express, you will agree that now’s the best time to buy a power bank for your phone. But I ask you. Why buy a power bank? Why buy a hulking piece of plastic that just houses a lithium ion battery…when it can be so much more. The Xpress-PRO by BRICWAVE is hulking, but it isn’t plastic… and it most definitely isn’t just a power bank. Xpress-PRO is your phone’s powerful sidekick with a sleek aluminium body that would put your phone to shame! Xpress-PRO does a pretty awesome job as a power bank, but get this… it acts as a data-storage and transfer device too.

Eliminating the need to carry a messy heap of storage devices, adapters, data cables, and chargers, the Xpress-PRO fits ALL of that into a neat package with a smart and simple user experience. I’ve always been a fan of analog interaction, and I can’t get enough of the matte-silver rotary switch that allows you to toggle between standby, power-bank, and data-storage mode. The best thing about the rotary switch is that with time, your fingers will get used to operating the device (from your pocket) without having to look at the switch or the indicator LEDs.

The Xpress-PRO comes with its set of cables fitted snugly into its design. One cable connects to your smart-device, and another to your PC, allowing Xpress PRO to become a bridge of data between both your devices, so all your data’s always within your reach. And with just a flip of the switch you can cycle between charging and data transfer!

Life with the Xpress-PRO is just easier. Confucius says, the lesser wires and cables you have in your life, the happier you’ll be, and Xpress-PRO allows that to happen by being a completely bundled solution to your smartphone woes. It comes in a choice of 32-256GB in storage and 1500-3500mAh in battery power, enough to take care of your daily power and data needs. A bundled app also gives you full control of the Xpress-PRO’s inbuilt storage, because powerful tech is only appreciated when it makes its user feel powerful, right?

Buy It Here: $99 $169. Only 14 LEFT!