Dynamic Duo


If you are anything like I am, you have quite a few electronic devices that you use daily and always seem to be having to charge devices throughout the home. Having cables running out of every wall outlet can look cluttered and really mess with the style of the home – making for a messy, unorganized feel.

Designers have been coming up with ideas to charge our devices in new ways such as induction charging – ridding ourselves of the need for so many wires to get tangled up in. Designers at London based design studio, Blond have created a case study with Duo, focusing on both induction charging of multiple devices, and style.

The charging docks of Duo, are made from Corian and are milled to help tolerate wear and tear longer, while having a finish that looks amazing with any home interior. Duo gets its name from its two charging docks – one charging dock for the speaker and the other for your mobile devices. The speaker can easily connect to your mobile device via bluetooth and allows for 360 degree sound. A great, modern design for any home and a great product idea that I hope see come to fruition.

Designer: Blond