The Xpress-PRO Has In-built Memory and Back-up Charging

A day in the life of You: Wake up, unhook the phone from the charger – shower – embrace the day – carry laptop, tablet, phone, backup charger, pen drive to work or college or café – use devices and then restart the process of charging various devices on-the-go and yet feel the frustration of ‘why so many items in my hand’ and ‘damn those cables!’ Sounds familiar? My day is more or less the same, and the constant need to keep devices juiced up gets annoying at times. The Xpress-PRO Aluminum Edition is not the fountain of youth but it’s an award-winning charging battery with a 256GB memory drive built in that promises to make things easy.

The purpose of this credit card sized pack is to be efficient and functional; it helps us to manage data and stay connected with full power, all the time. It is the ultimate mobile assistant that helps save time and promotes convenience. The built-in cables, data storage of up to 256GB, and fast charging is ideal for people like us, who are constantly traveling or have packed schedules.

Buy It Here: $69.00 $129.00. Limited to 100. 35 Left ONLY.