A Simple yet Flawless Power Bank


A phone’s battery level always seems to reach 0% at the most inconvenient of times, whether this is mid-way through an important conversation, as you reach the good part of a film or more commonly than not, on a mundane train journey!

Conventional power banks solve this problem just fine, but they create a problem of their own; the abundance of wires can be an inconvenience to carry around and can get in the way when trying to use the phone simultaneously to charging.

The Power Mini is a power bank that connects directly to the user’s phone via the lightning connector. This method of charging eliminates the need for the annoying cable, it also keeps the power bank and the phone together at all times. Power Mini’s form has also been greatly considered, the compact size makes it easy to carry around while the sleek, minimal design pairs harmoniously with that of the iPhone’s.

Designer: Keny Lin