A Lamp You’ll Want to Cuddle

When you use the word ‘soft’ with the word ‘light’ it usually means that the light’s intensity is soft. However the SolarPuff is a different type of soft light. The lighting device is literally soft! Made out of a fabric that allows the light to flexibly expand like a balloon (with a puff of air), the Solight SolarPuff is a green, reliable source of clean light, meant for developing countries and societies. Eliminating the need for kerosene or other oil based lamps, the LED powered SolarPuff ‘breathes a fresh breath of air’ into home lighting by not just making efficient use of a renewable energy resource, but being an interactive and fun product! The specially engineered fabric is durable, flexible, and water-resistant, while the shape of SolarPuff is unusually pleasing to inflate or deflate! When deflated, it becomes just 6mm thick, allowing you to stow it away for later usage. Plus, wouldn’t you want to own a lamp you could use as a aura-emanating stress ball?!

Designer: Alice Min Soo Chun

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