The New and Improved Oco Cloud Camera!

Big brother to the Oco1 currently for sale, the Oco2 now features self-learning, a full HD camera, hybrid storage, a handy magnetic base and even two-way talk! Place it on any wall or surface in your home to keep a watchful eye on the goings on directly from your smartphone.

The magnetic base allows you to position the angle of the camera in virtually any direction and change it quickly and easily to adapt to different spaces. HD and Cloud storage ensure your data is always accessible, even if thieves decided to run away with your Oco2. The self-learning feature actually gets to know your space and can differentiate between pets, lighting and other elements to prevent false alarms and only alert you when something serious is going on. Smart push notifications let you know about distinct changes at your home, and not just a truck driving by or a light turning on. If you want to check on the status of your home or activate functions, you can even talk directly to Oco2!

Designer: Etienne Bougeot