Bluetooth Audio Just Got Better


Calling all audiophiles! You no longer have to sacrifice sound quality just because you use Bluetooth! Introducing, the CH-1 earphones- the world’s first dual driver earphones. They’ve been designed so that two different speakers fit in each earpiece so users get the full range of sound not normally experienced when listening over Bluetooth. By moving the power source (a rechargeable lithium ion battery) from the earpieces to a lightweight neck pendant, CH-1 has more room to fit the technology that makes them sound so incredible. In each earpiece is both an armature speaker to deliver crisp high and mid tones (like most Bluetooth® earphones) and a dynamic 10mm driver to deliver deep, resonant bass. This means no more tinny, distorted music! Even if you’re not an audiophile, CH-1 has other cool features like noise isolation for less distraction, multi-sized ear tips for a great fit, an optional auxiliary cable, as well as long distance wireless connectivity up to 30 ft!

Designer: Nowall