The Wanderlust’s Dream Bag


It’s a nuisance when you travel, to pack, unpack, and repack, and then unpack again. Seems like a bit of an effort, don’t you think? What if I told you the Weekender Bag by Rise eliminates half of that nuisance? What if I told you you could live directly out of your travel bag when you’re away? The Weekender is a pretty nifty travel bag that outwardly looks like any other bag (well, it obviously makes its own style statement too), but it’s bigger on the inside! Just find yourself a curtain rod, or a clothes rod, and the bag turns into a closet! The compartmentalized bag hangs from any sturdy rod and unfolds, to reveal a makeshift closet, which means you live right out of your luggage without needing to unpack and then repack! The bag when expanded allows you to store extra stuff like shoes too. When the ‘compartments’ fold out, the empty inside of the bag can be used to store dirty clothes, or worn clothes (much like a hamper). The bag is uncompromising on design in every sense. It comes with its share of compartments for everything from your gadgets, to your keys to your toiletries. It also comes in three classic color variants, grey, pink, and blue.

The Weekender Bag could single-handedly be the greatest thing to happen to luggage since the trolley wheels!

Designer: Lee Renshaw

Buy It Here: $69.99 $139.00