The Swiss Army Induction Cooker!


The Whirlpool Levita aims to change your kitchen. On the one hand, appliances are good at what they do, but they only do one thing… the Levita is a jack of all trades in that aspect, allowing it to lend itself to the many activities of cooking. The left hand side of the device is an induction cooker. It has the ability to work with more than one utensil, sensing the the surface area of each utensil, and heating it individually. The application screen to the right allows one to browse and document recipes and cooking techniques. The appliance has a capacitive touch surface, but for situations where that would be a problem, a pop-out knob allows one to maneuver through the UI. Just when you thought the Levita comprises all you’ll ever need, the base of the appliance can be pulled out and used as a cutting tray. Compact, and brilliant!

Designers: Nici Ponce, Cem Yilmaz, Lauren Moore and Suhas H.Raya.