Addicted to Tech!

The Tech Addict concept takes inspiration from some of nature’s most cleverly evolved creatures, applying their unique super-senses to modern technology to enhance our own human abilities. Use radar like a bat, have a 280 degree view of surroundings like a chameleon, or even disguise your voice as a bird’s song!

Bat Earphone- earphones with built-in reverse radar that detect nearby objects and  display them on a visor so the user can be totally engaged their other gadgets (like a cell phone or iPad) and still maintain awareness of their surroundings.

Chameleon Eye Glasses- glasses with internal moving, reflective components that make it possible to look in different directions at the same time or monitor areas outside normal range without moving the head.

Sparrow Ring- not a ring you’d wear on your finger, but a conical device that helps keep conversations private and surrounding people undisturbed by phone conversations. Hold the device near the mouth when speaking on the phone and it will emit what sounds like a bird’s song (best for outside, of course).

Designers: Paul Gong & Erco Laii