An appliance for your Masterchef kitchen


Sous Vide is something you hear on most fancy cookery shows. It’s the technique of cooking food that’s been vacuum sealed by immersing it in a water bath at a very precise and consistent temperature. Usually sous vide machines are highly industrial and reserved only for high-end restaurants. The Electrolux Athmos changes that. Keeping the principle the same, but giving the appliance a radical makeover, the Athmos is much more in lines with domestic kitchen appliances. Made primarily of plastic, the sous vide machine comes as a kit with everything you need, including the hand-held vacuum for preparing the sous vide bags. The cooking chamber is translucent, allowing you to see your food being cooked inside, and a pretty basic UI ensures you won’t fumble with the device. In fact, it even comes with a Recipe app that tells you how to prepare your favorite food using the Athmos sous vide machine!

Designers: Alessandro Dadone & Davide Cevoli.