Not Your Mama’s Fridge


The Sliver-Touch fridge is an intelligent appliance that identifies individual users and customizes the experience to simultaneously ensure food freshness and reduce waste. The design recognizes users fingerprints the moment they touch the handle. Whether they are putting food in, or taking it out, each action is recorded. When the door is opened, a holographic projection system identifies the date each item was placed inside so users know not only what is theirs, but whether it falls within a safe, consumable timeline or even if it’s about to expire.

Designer: Dongfang Cheng





  • NZ says:

    WHY?!?! Nobody needs this!! A fridge only has 1 job to do: keep your food cold. A better fridge will do this while saving energy, being easy to organize and find things is, and staying clean. A fridge is NOT supposed to tell you when your food is rotten. YOU are supposed to do that because you’re supposed to be a human with a large brain. Even dogs know when food is rotten. Don’t you? And if you are keeping food in your fridge so long that it rots, you shouldn’t be wasting your money on a fancy new fridge, you should be buying less food! Designs like this are The Problem.

    • LazarusW says:

      I have to say that phone used to only make phone calls, now what happens? Yea, human beings have smart brain, that’s why they create things make life easier, therefore, they don’t have to deal with those shitty things, like calculating with bare hands, using sunshine to know the time and remember some stupid things.

      • Xiiiiang says:

        I think the point is making clear who need this, and how this function exactly help user in daily life.A new fridge using logic would be better to tell the concept story.

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