A toilet cleaner with a soul


Simple design is always the best type of design. Add to that a beautiful story, and you have a winner of a product! The Bloom toilet brush stands out as an example of a simple design with a beautiful story. Made as pretty much a single part, the Brush has a cup with bristles on the inside. Press the brush against a flat surface and the cup flips outwards, revealing the bristles within, completing the “bloom” story!

Yes, I know this is a toilet brush; but toilets are allowed to have nice things too!

Designers: Guosheng Rong, Chen Qian, and The Xu Shengli.




  • Paolo Zardo says:

    I find it really nice, but there is a problem: how would someone make the reverse folding? Once it is in the WC it’s pretty hard to fold again to the original bud. And regarding the cleaning of the object, is it easy to clean?
    I think good design is not only aesthetics, but tries to solve a problem as Bruno Munari says…

  • Cristina Elena says:

    It`s not very nice to put the toilet brush on your bathroom floor. It`s not hygienic at all !
    And onother thing, how do you solve the problem of the leaking water that will spill when you take the brush out of the toilet?

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