AQUA = Audio QUAlity!


It may interest you to know that those fancy Beats headphones aren’t really improving the audio quality of your music. Increased bass is usually perceived as good, but heavy bass and high fidelity audio are definitely not the same thing. You’ll find that with phones, the common problem is that most mobile phones downsample your audio during playback. Why? Because they don’t come with an inbuilt amplifier. That’s why an external amp can really make a difference.

Most external amps have this reputation for being huge pieces of equipment that require a power source, but the Aqua is different. Touted as the world’s lightest portable amp that works without a battery or an external power source, the Aqua is sure one piece of sorcery! Housed in a sleek and edgy CNC Machined Aluminum case, the Aqua is so light you won’t even notice it’s there. Hail Audio! Hail Aqua!

Designer: Nexum













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  • Chakallo says:

    To answer a few of your quenitoss…. Nimesh: While the Citrix receiver is available for Linux, it is not a web based application. This announcement shows that Citrix is going to port their application to an HTML5 based version that will run in a browser. Specifically the chrome browser within Chrome OS.Emilian: The Citrix Receiver is a client that allows enterprise customers to view their citrix published apps already running inside the corporate firewall. The receiver is available on iphones, ipads, android devices, macs, and much more. The receiver communicates with a citrix security gateway at your companies firewall and all communication travels over default SSL (443). So to answer your question, yes you need citrix and a security gateway already in your organization in order to use the receiver. There might also be public cloud offerings of the security gateways that connect to cloud based app hosting but I haven’t looked in to that.

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