The Bomber Advantage – Bomber Paracord Survival Gear


Reacquainting us with one of the principles of Good Design, the Firestarter Survival Bracelet, Carabiner Paracord Keychain and Bomber Barrel bag by Bomber & Company, hammer home the concept of ‘Good Design is as little design as possible.’ Stylish enough to look good on you, we bet Bear Grylls could use this kit in his next Man vs Wild episode.


For those who don’t know it, Paracord was first used as suspension lines for U.S. parachutes during WWII. Presently the line has many more uses apart from the original intent. As founder Vincent Pilot Ng describes it, “The braided sheath has an incredible number of interwoven strands compared to its thickness, giving it a smooth texture, elastic feel, and unmatched strength. This makes it compact, fashionable, and highly useful in survival and dangerous situations.”


Priding themselves of crafting the finest gear, this team from San Francisco has us all excited about minimalist survival kits. The Bomber Paracord Survival Gear is essentially made using a 550 military grade paracord that includes a flint that can start a fire. Think scenarios like camping, lights-out on a stormy night, having fun on the beach and wanting to start an impromptu campfire, or plain and simple vanity. The gear has many uses that enhance basic survival and teams well with the original Bomber Barrel Duffle Bag. In short we are talking about a paracord bracelet and a paracord keychain along with the bag.


  • The complete Bomber Set includes the original Bomber Barrel Duffle Bag, Mini Bomber Travel Kit, Bomber Survival Bracelet, and Bomber Survival Paracord Keychain.
  • The Bomber Survival Bracelet comes with 3 meters of paracord and fire-starting capabilities.

Vincent believes that life is an exploration. He is passionate about business, being an entrepreneur, as well as adventure. “I’m a product designer by trade. I imagine, design, create, and bring concepts to life. Many times it’s not about inventing something completely new. When you understand an object or an idea from its foundation or base, you are able to see what makes it work or function from an outside perspective. We take this process and find ways around it and hack it, making it faster, more effective, and simpler to use… thus making it better. That’s where true innovation comes from. Bomber & Company is an industrial design firm that utilizes this formula within our mission to design and create beautiful everyday products.”

“Live life like you’re telling the greatest story ever told”.

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