The Criminal-Confusing Carry-on!

Zippers… a designer’s mortal enemy. They’re hideous, painful, and not particularly secure. Yet we can’t live without them. They’re on our jeans, jackets, and bags. Now while jeans and jackets aren’t much of a threat, zips on bags are rather vulnerable to being picked. Hell, sometimes I forget to even zip my bag, or the zip breaks, which is sort of asking for trouble.

The immediate thing one notices about the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack is its rather beautiful design that features not one single zip. The bag is fabric through and through, so while it looks great, it also throws the thief off guard because they’ll be struggling to find the opening!

The Bobby was designed just like a regular backpack, but with one crucial rearrangement. The zip still exists, but it stays concealed, and can only be accessed from the back of the bag rather than the front. It stays concealed behind a sleeve and completely hidden from sight, but only you know that secret. The backpack’s overall design aim was to be robust and reliable. Aside from the hidden zips, it comes with a PP inlay in the fabric that gives it structure while also making it slash-proof. The front face is made of a water-repellent, stain-proof fabric that gives the bag a color contrast, and a rather iconic line on the bottom in the center also serves as a reflective strip for people who commute on bicycles.

Other features of this undeniably iconic looking bag are brilliant compartmentalization. The way the bag opens up feels almost like a briefcase thanks to its sturdy structure, allowing for a rather well-planned inside, with spaces and pockets for all your carry-ables. It even has three hidden instant-access pockets in the straps for things like business cards, or access cards. If all that weren’t already the makes of a superior bag, the Bobby even features a USB port that connects the power bank inside your bag to the phone outside your bag, so you don’t have to fumble through the backpack for a charger in public, effectively giving away the secret way to open your uber-cool theft-deterrent backpack! Go ahead… don’t be a part of the 400,000 people who get their bags or pockets picked per day!

Designer: XD Design