Extra Safe in the Blink of an Eye


There’s no such thing as too much safety when it comes to motorcycling and the Blink helmet visor offers one additional layer for riders of any skill level. The visor aims to solve two problems: firstly it makes the rider and their intentions more visible. Sometimes when biking, the leaning angle obscures the view making it harder for other motorists to see the rider at a glance. Secondly, it helps to humanize the rider by slightly illuminating the riders face to remind drivers (who often look at motorcyclist as second class motorists) that there is a real person riding the bike and not some faceless figure! Synced wirelessly with the bikes indicators, the built-in signals also help bring attention to direction changes.

Designer: Alex Christensen

Blink – Indicating Motorcycle Visor from Alex Christensen on Vimeo.