This Volkswagen Beetle is a Batman worthy crime fighting machine that loves high octane racing!

Volkswagen Beetle was, is, and will be the darling of automotive enthusiasts and custom shops – be it for pure driving bliss or giving the iconic four-wheeler a custom remake. Eveeeeen though the car has been out of production, its charm is unlikely to die any time soon. London-based automotive concept designer Al Yasid Oozeear (a.k.a. Al Yasid) has experimented with quite a few rides until now. His lucky date with the Beetle has brought forth a unique blueprint that gives the car a morphing character of a muscle car and Le Mans racer. One that fuses perfectly to be a modern Batmobile.

Yasid has refreshed the way a custom Beetle ought to look like compared to the countless custom designs the chubby four-wheelers has seen in the past. Now it oozes with a very boyish charm with the looks of a killer machine on the road, and he calls it “Max”. Gone are the buffed-up cheeks, rounded wheel arches, and the countered headlights. The makeover now boasts a Le Mans styled persona with classy fenders, square LED headlights, and a very muscular low-positioned splitter. The car gets side skirting, a roof scoop for aerodynamic balance, and a carbon embellished lightbar for a very masculine feel.

Move over to the rear, and you realize the amount of muscle it can churn out of that protruding V12 engine. Somehow it gives an overall feel of a product of a night out between Beetle and 917 Porsche in the garage. I won’t even deter from calling it a “Batmobeetle” – a car made for fighting crime scenes in the city’s dark corners. And of course, who wouldn’t want to be the protagonist Batman, driving it around. When it’s time to experience the need for speed, just take it to any drag race, and you’re destined to end the night with a pocket full of moolah!

Designer: Al Yasid