Must Have: The Penxo Pencil

To prove it’s point at being the best ever minimalist lead holder pencil, the Penxo has gone ahead and bagged the Red Dot Awards – Best of Best for 2015. Accolades and awards aside, this pencil is a must have for those as obsessed with stationery as I am. Designed to perfection and with impeccable attention to detail, in many ways it syncs with the Apple design philosophy and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jony Ive gets himself one!

Backed by his passion for designing, designer Brian Tong TAK always found himself circling back to his trusty pencils as his choice of tool. Asking himself hard questions like what he could do to “eliminate all the finicky mechanical bits” in a mechanical lead pencil, the answer came in the form of the Penxo.

Driven by simplicity, the pencil is also the features a last lead release mechanism. According to Brian, he spent “countless hours designing and refining the Penxo, hoping to inject some modernity while remaining true to its traditional form.”


  • Penxo is a minimalist 2mm lead holder pencil precisely milled from a single block of aluminum.
  • The simplistic design eliminates the springs, buttons, and mechanical parts found in conventional mechanical pencils.
  • The center gap functions as a lead trigger release and indicator window for lead color, markings and usage.
  • The forward cutting gap on the pencil tip creates a pivot tension at the opposite end – this counter balance creates a clamp-like effect, which secures the lead.
  • The design offers the fastest lead release compared to any other lead pencil.

Designer: Brian Tong TAK [ Buy it Here ]

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