Love My Pair Of Denim Frames

This is one of those designs where you go … why didn’t I think of it before! Down right damn mister! Solid Denim Sunglasses – it can’t get cooler than this if you ask me. A pair of sunglasses made with denim to perfection; smooth at the edges and inside surface with rugged denim appeal all over. If you wonder what motivated the team, then it’s the simple conviction that something inspiring could be crafted from those good old Blue Jeans.

The techniques and processes involved in modern composite engineering combined with infusing layers of denim fabric with a carefully selected resin gave birth to Solid Denim. The strikingly unique sunglasses are hand crafted and made from between 3 and 10 layers of denim.

Thankfully the team is detail oriented and as a person who swears by the quality of them (I wear glasses), Carl Zeiss Vision lenses provide the oomph factor to the frames. Initially there will be a choice of 2 polarized (CR39 plastic) lenses in Dark Grey and Brown. As the pledges increase, more lens options will be available.

To keep your interests tickled, there are three unisex styles, and all available in three different color schemes. The flagship model is called the Cassini, the square-ish frame is christened Celsius and with it’s sweeping curves and striking keyhole bridge, the Kepler holds my interest the most.

Jack Spencer & Alex Boswell, the men behind this designs are quite interesting innovators. I have seen them deliver some kick-ass products in the past, and with this new venture, I’m sure they’re gonna hit the ball out of the park. When I asked them why denim glasses, Jack related his passion for eyewear and evidently he knew that he wanted to take on an eyewear project and turn it into a business venture someday. It’s a given that the business model had to be unique for it to be successful, hence the Solid Denim Sunglasses!

Know more and pledge for the Solid Denim Sunglasses here.

Designer: Mosevic [ Buy it Here ]