IV Made Easy

However useful, IV units can and do become dangerous when neglected. In serious cases, the back-flow of blood from gravity can cause tremendous pain, phlebitis and bruising. With a little help from tablet tech, the E-Drip Stand aims to heighten awareness of each individual IV. The stand itself detects the weight of the bag and relays real-time status to the caretaker’s smart device, also alerting when it’s time to change bags. Rooms and patients are easily identified via a graphic map on the screen, making the nurse rounds more efficient and effective.

Designers: Lee,Yin-Kai, Lai,Chih-Wei, Wang, Szu-Hsin, Huang Yu-Chang


  • stephen russell says:

    Cut down on staffing alone for times, tie data to local Nurse station alone
    Do this worldwide & speed training for IVs alone
    & expand to LVNs for duty

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