The Farm 432 project explores growing the other white meat: BUGS! Named 432 for the number of hours it takes 1 gram of black soldier fly eggs to turn into 2.4 kilograms of delicious larvae protein, the device makes it possible to harvest up to 500kg of larvae per week (roughly two meals) for those who can stomach it!  Hit the jump to see how it works and watch designer Katharina Unger fry up some bugs!

Designer: Katharina Unger

Farm 432: Function from Katharina Unger on Vimeo.

Farm 432: Eating Insects from Katharina Unger on Vimeo.


  • Jon McGregor says:

    Never have I seen such a sensible design for such an unwanted use.

  • This is a beautiful product design for something that totally grosses me out! That said, I did eat fried grasshoppers in Mexico and if I had known what they were, would have enjoyed them even more. Yanko, you always have the most interesting shares!

  • Very interesting form and project. Like it or not, with populations ever increasing, food shortages will become even more of a problem and insects already eaten in many countries will become a valuable source of protein for populations where they are currently not a staple. But whether they are farmed industrially and then processed (hidden) into something more acceptable like a burger or bred in the home like this remains to be seen. Either way, one of the most interesting projects I have seen recently. PT

  • Rahul S. says:

    Send this product to China… Would be enormous hit.. 😀

  • Thanks for this article,
    The machine produces about 500g larvae per week though, not 500kg 😉
    If you could correct that please..


  • James says:

    Even if you ignore the moral aspect to this, no one would ever want or use this, with the exception of possibly the Chinese. My friend’s wife is Chinese and even she wouldn’t have this just sitting around so she can chomp into some bugs on a regular basis.

    In a tribe where you need every source of food you can get and they make fly burgers, fine, but this is too high-tech for that sort of environment. The main problem is that from the video and eating straight out of a frying pan you have big bugs, the Chinese eat them but big ones like grasshoppers and mealworms. If it’s only meant to attract the black soldier flies like described, why have a video eating other larger insects?

    People get too much protein as it is so larvae being a good source of protein is just pointless.

    I think Jon said it best. It is an incredibly thought out solution for a completely unwanted use. I’d suggest moving to China or other countries that eat insects on a regular basis and see how your product design goes there as they’ll probably appreciate it more as they have fewer ethics.

    • Russell says:

      Moral aspect? If you’re so concerned about the welfare of fly larvae, you should become a Jain. They used to carry special brooms to sweep where they were going to step, to avoid crushing insects or worms. They don’t eat root vegetables because it may harm animals when digging them up.

      Do you drive a car, or travel in a car or bus or train? Ever? Because all those marks on the front are squashed insects. So if your moral values are genuine, and not just hyppocrisy, you’ll give up any form of transport faster than about 15 kph so you don’t kill any insects.

      And what about the morals of being a hypocrite? Don’t they bother you too? Seems like they don’t. Seems like you just like to tell people how bad they are, while forgetting about your own faults.


  • Bob says:

    If you eat insects you have fewer ethics?

  • Sarah says:

    Horrendous, yet pointless.

  • Jen says:

    I want one.

  • Hi,

    First of awesome product and design. I have been wanting to farm insects at home for a while now. Where can I buy one of these?

    Best regards Morten

  • rahul s brother says:

    send to your brain…Would be enormous hit..

  • James says:

    Firstly, read the rest of the comment on why this product is pointless before mouthing off and focussing on one tiny section that was said.

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. If one has to explain what ethics are, then you have very few. If one does not eat insects or hurt any other creature due to their moral standing then they have far greater ethics than those who would. These are what we call ethics. The Chinese and the vast majority of Asia have very little ethical values. If you think that murdering and eating everything there is in the world is morally ok, then you have no idea what ethics are and never will. It would be like me saying “people where I live rape women all the time, I wouldn’t say they have less ethics though”. If only you could understand the ironic idiocy of your statement. All that was stated are just facts.

    I have said this to my friend and his wife and they completely agree, like I just said, these are facts, not opinions.

    Good to know that your wife would resort to violence so quickly when you nor her fail to grasp what ethics are. Where I live, friends don’t kick eachother’s arses just because we’re having a moral discussion, not sure how it works for you over there in China. Again, not punching your friend is far more ethical than what your wife would do, so you have proved my point. I can only guess by the ‘kicking your arse’ statement that you are very young and immature…..or American.

    I would suggest that you look up what ethics are, look within yourself to discover if you have any moral standing whatsoever and try to restrain your wife from hitting people just because she doesn’t like what they’re saying, or you’ll find her going home to you with a black eye. Thank you.

  • Christopher Gu says:

    Have you started producing these?

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