Fliders Can Save Our Office Mouse!

YD has recently moved from a virtual office setup to an actual office setup. As design advocates we had to reflect modern design in our office, so we got our team Apple gear. New iMac, iPad mini…the whole nine yards! We teamed our mouse with expensive aluminum mouse pads, only to realize that expensive doesn’t mean quality. Yes, our Magic Mouse is now ruined, too bad we found out about Fliders so late!

Having said that, I don’t think it’s too late for you to save your mouse feet! Get one now this festive season or gift it to your loved ones. Let me elaborate a bit more on what Fliders can do for your Apple Magic Mouse (or any other Optical Mouse).

  • They protect both the bottom of your mouse and your desk from scratches.
  • You can ditch your mouse pad and use your entire desktop as a mouse pad instead!
  • They provide a smooth and quiet mousing experience.
  • Fliders are an inexpensive, replaceable solution to worn mouse feet. Out goes our expensive Aluminum Designer Mouse Pad!
  • Adding Fliders improve tracking by minimizing the collection of sticky residue that makes your mouse sticky.
  • They work for any optical mouse and not just the Apple Magic Mouse.
  • Ideal for gamers, graphic designers, musicians and anyone who uses a mouse.

As a kind Christmas Gesture, Fliders is giving YD’ers an exclusive promo offer.

This offer is limited to the first 200 people only, so HURRY!

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  • Apple Magic Mouse contain 2 sets of Fliders (4 strips).
  • Apple Mighty Mouse contain 2 sets of Fliders (2 pieces).
  • Universal Mice come with 12 large dots and 8 small dots (20 pieces total).
  • Fliders come in different colors including black, blue, green and pink