solidThinking Evolve v9.5 Webinar with Sundog’s Michal Hrk

Sundog Creative Director, Michal Hrk and solidThinking have got together to bring you a free webinar on how to move from an initial sketch, explore styling alternatives, and visualize new products with realistic renderings, before exporting the digital models required by others in the product development process. The event will last for about 1 hour, including the Q & A session.

Michal will demo a typical workflow with solidThinking Evolve v9.5Single User License – a key tool in their design process. I had the opportunity to ask Michal a few questions myself, and here they are:

Me: As a designer, what is the biggest challenge that you face while using the computer vs a sketchbook

Michal: I am quite particular when it comes to every detail of the product. I have a picture in my mind that I want to come to as close to as possible. Sketchbook is where I hash out the final idea behind a surface or shape before I move into 3D. In a computer things don’t usually come together as planned, sometimes the simplest surfaces are the toughest to create. But what the computer and solidThinking gives me is the ability to find alternatives and sometimes better end result.

Me: How has solidThinking Software helped you in your quest for perfection?

Michal: The ability to communicate even the smallest intricacies with people across the world. If picture is worth a thousand words, an exported STP file that I share with our manufacturers is worth ten thousand. They can see exactly what the intent of a particular design is.

Me: Can you share 2 of the most important tips and tricks that you discovered while using the solidThinking Evolve?

  • The construction tree provides a huge flexibility in modifying geometry far into the modelling process.
  • And the “Intersect” tool which is probably my most used tool.

Webinar Details: Here.
Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 — 11:00am PDT
Direct Registration: Here.