How To Attend The 2023 International Design Conference And Level Up Your Skills + Network

Mark your calendars for the biggest event in Industrial Design! The highly anticipated International Design Conference & IDSA Education Symposium (IDC) will take place in New York City from August 23rd to 25th, 2023. Prepare to be inspired, connect with industry professionals, and be a part of the most significant movement shaping the future of design. This three-day event, which also includes the IDSA Education Symposium, will feature captivating keynotes, engaging workshops, and prestigious awards. While the program will primarily be held in person, designers, students, and entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe can also participate virtually. Here’s what’s in store for this year’s 2023 International Design Conference…

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This year’s International Design Conference explores the theme of “Resilience”, with a close look at how design empowers organizations to adapt, iterate, and respond effectively to evolving conditions in an era of constant uncertainty around all-pervasive themes like the climate crisis, the pandemic, and geopolitical tensions. The three-day conference serves not just as a community-building event for the design industry, but also as a call-to-action for designers from all walks of life to participate in some of the most demanding and urgent requirements of our times.

“Design for resilience has never been more crucial than in today’s volatile landscape. As leaders, we must embrace the design process to reimagine our approaches and create exceptional solutions for the future’s challenges,” says Lindsey Maxwell, IDSA’s Board Chair and Vice President of Teague’s Aerospace Design Studio. “The theme of resilience at IDC reflects our commitment to equipping designers with the tools and strategies they need to navigate an uncertain world and drive meaningful change.”

Over the span of three days, the International Design Conference will include interactive workshops covering accessibility, the future of 3D renderings, human-centered design, wearable technology, etc.; along with live-streamed mainstage keynotes on wide-ranging topics like business strategy, technology, mobility, industrial design, software design, and innovation; and finally Brooklyn design studio tours for in-person attendees. The event will include the IDEA and the IDSA Awards ceremony, the IDEA Gala, and finally, the IDSA Education Symposium, which aims at delving into deep discussions that challenge the notions of design and help shape the future of design education.

The 2023 International Design Conference will be hosted by esteemed industrial design professionals, Laura Silva, inclusive design lead at Bank of America, and Meghan Preiss, innovation strategist at Delta Airlines, along with a stellar roster of design luminaries and IDSA members spread across a diverse gamut of industries. This is an event you DON’T want to miss!

The conference welcomes attendees from all design disciplines, including non-designers. By exchanging ideas, you will gain a new outlook and practical insights that can be applied to your own work and industry. Attendees have the option to purchase in-person tickets (with a discount for IDSA members) or a virtual viewing pass. Secure your tickets now!

Click Here to visit the IDC Website and book your tickets

Click Here to visit the IDC Website and Book your Tickets