Smart App Barista for the Perfect Cuppa Coffee

For many of us brewing the perfect cuppa coffee is an artistic ritual that can only be entrusted to our favorite barista. Anything else is crap! Oh well, to burst your bubble, Arist with the help of its smart app, will help you grind and accurately brew any given coffee bean into the most delightful cup of comforting coffee. The simple machine provides complete control on how you brew, grind and fine-tune the pressure on the coffee beans.

Tailored coffee is what you expect and this is kinda important to coffee addicts – ask me I know! I’m the kind who likes strong coffee and a weak brew turns me off. What is interesting is that the app allows you to experiment and try out different styles of coffee thanks to the thousands of recipes (over 100,000) that it can recommend.

Perhaps you can get innovative and come up with your own signature blend! We spoke with the team behind this extremely successful Kickstarter Campaign and asked them their story. This is what they said: “We believe the main difference between a coffee machine and a barista is in the heart of pleasing customers, so we formed a new brand, summarizing our vision, bringing the heart of a barista into a machine. That’s how we got the name Arist – the core of the word “Barista”. That’s why Arist is a machine that will remember you, make new suggestions to you, and is knowledgeable about coffee just like a real barista!”


In terms of design, the coffee machine is well styled and functional. On the hardware side – the coffee bean container and syrup capsule container are well placed and so is the one-liter milk chamber. Incidentally the milk container is cooled and can be safely used for an extended period of time. The porcelain-burr grinder gives the flexibility of adjusting the grind to help customize the drink.

Arist features NFC capabilities and what this means is that you can add a NFC tag on a cup. So, whenever you place that particular cup on the machine, the preset coffee drink gets brewed automatically and dispensed. Overall I think the idea is great and the fact that the design is born from “a vision to craft a machine that was stylish, fun, interactive and amazingly simple to use,” is an excellent reason to get one. Moreover, imagine sipping on the “perfect cup of coffee from across the world right in your home.”

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