Yanko Claus: Win an iSkin Package!

UPDATE: Congrats John Davis Carroll!

Happy Monday and hopefully this gift-a-way sponsored by our friends at iSkin will perk you up like that morning coffee. We have a massive iSkin package worth over $242.00 and all you have to do is tell me your one wish. You have until 11:59 PM PST tonight to get your comments in and remember, Yanko Claus is gifting something almost everyday this month so check back!

Sponsor: iSkin


What you get:

iSkin Soho, sleek protection for your 13″ and 15″ laptops. On the go with your laptop means keeping it safe and the iSkin SOHO does just that. With elegant style and cool colors, SOHO features a multi-layered design to absorb the hits and dings that would normally damage your laptop.

iSkin ProTouch Vibes, delivers the most advanced combination of style and protection ever. It works full-time to keep your keyboard safe from everyday hazards that could lead to permanent damage. Built-in Microban®* protection provides continuous cleaning action, inhibiting the growth of damaging microbes, such as bacteria, that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration.

iSkin ProTouch for Apple Mighty Mouse, made of premium, high–grade silicone, and features built–in antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria on the product. The form–fitting cover provides lasting defense against dirt and spills, and can conveniently be removed/reapplied for quick, easy cleaning.

iSkin Cerulean F1 Stereo Bluetooth Headset, wirelessly listen to movies, music, games and even YouTube videos in full stereo sound. The CERULEAN F1 works with other Bluetooth® devices, including your Mac, iPod*, and stereo Bluetooth®- enabled smartphone.

Any iSkin iPhone or Blackberry smartphone case, sleek protection in bold and sophisticated colors all with antimicrobial Microban protection.


  • sk says:

    I wish f?$%ing Apple products woudn’t need more protection than a raw egg.

  • chaosbringer says:

    I wish my wishes would become true all the time… that would be infinite happiness for everyone (except maybe my evil postman from hell) 🙂

  • Eric says:

    I wish I could have a Wacom Cintiq

  • clay h says:

    i wish i get this job i am interviewing for right now!

  • C Buchwald says:

    I wish for a fair, ambitious and binding agreement at the climate talks in Copenhagen.

  • Khadijah says:

    I wish I could go home and eat real food

  • Quycky says:

    I wish people were as generous as Yanko Design for this Christmas.

  • Jane says:

    I wish I could have these iSkin products as live inspirations for my product design ideas and self-motivated projects for my future attempt in posting a killer design on Yanko. Yeah!

  • bw says:

    I wish this is not a gimmick.

  • Ole says:

    I wish I could win for once.

  • Advocate says:


  • Taliesin says:

    I wish my roof would stop leaking.

  • Victor says:

    Go Skin!

  • Jessica says:

    I wish I were done with my semester already!

  • xate says:

    i wish that my moms operation today goes well

  • Yahya Adisaputro says:

    I wish that I get good scores for my final semester.

  • Stone69 says:

    This is the best protection you can wish for…

  • Josiah says:

    I wish I was able to think of a better wish

  • James says:

    I wish I could honestly say I’m not currently typing with one hand.

  • Beatriz says:

    I wish I can get into the degree that I want and that I can get enough money to go there without any worries.

  • Osvaldo M. says:

    I wish i’d win the lottery, so i could travel around the world, worry about nothing, sleep in hammocks and igloos and having massive P. Diddy-style B-Day parties.

  • A says:

    My wish would be to wake up one morning and read that scientist have found a cure for my condition and get cured completely. Earn some money to be able help people around the world fight this condition and never let anybody have this or any medical condition ever…

  • cc says:

    My wish would be to receive a new laptop but if I don’t I still will enjoy using my old desktop!

  • Deborah W says:

    I wish for a health and happiness

  • Matt says:

    I wish for a new job…or free health care.

  • John says:

    I wish my son could keep his house.

    • Nate T says:

      I wish John’s son could keep his house. Things are tough all over. Our prayers are with you and your son, John.

  • Steve Burnett says:

    I wish all my student loans could be paid for and that education was cheaper.

  • Joyce says:

    If I can only have one wish then I wish for as many wishes as I want…

    otherwise, I wish for my husband’s overall well-being~

  • Larry N. says:

    I wish for a time machine.

  • Jesse says:

    I wish for my wife to be hired on as a full time teacher, so she doesn’t have to rush from one new class to another every day

  • eldar says:

    I wish I was you,and if I was you I wish YOU give away this stuff to me.So I wish you was My Santa.

  • I wish Yanko a merry Christmas and to be able to print solid objects out of thin air.

  • Sean says:

    One day I went to the dentist and bought a Bowser plush afterwards (over a decade ago). Ever since, every single night before I go to sleep, I wish that everything will be all right the next day.

    And the iSkin just looks plain cool.

  • MSimone says:

    I wish that my child stays happy and healthy.

  • Matt says:

    I wish I could afford to pay off my bills…or that I suddenly had a major influx of customers. Basically the same wish though lol.

  • LP says:

    Wish that everyone can just be happy with who they are and not let anyone in the world deter or otherwise try and change themselves.

  • frezzingaces says:

    i wish for three more wishes

  • Stefano says:

    I wish I make it before the end of the contest!

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