TouchOfModern 5 Days of Giveaways: Day 5 – Gift Ideas For The Vacationer

The number one flash sales site TouchOfModern is back again this year, with the intention of making shopping for gifts a much easier and rewarding experience for you. In this five-part series we have compiled a compelling shortlist of five ideas of what you can gift to someone you love, based on their personality. That is not all, state your choice from the list and TouchOfModern will go out of their way to get you that gift and present it to you! Details inside.

To Win

Go through “Five For Those Who Like To Vacation” below and tell us which gift will you buy and why?


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Vacation Must-haves

Portable Solar Charger

EDC ‘Everyday Carry’ Kit

JOOSA External Battery Pack

Klymit Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Braven Portable Speaker/Charger


  • sarah says:

    witty remark for contest

  • Karla says:

    I feel that music sets the tone of life; therefore, I would purchase the Braven portable speaker/charger for use in my home office, wine with the girls, and pop it into the basket of my beach cruiser for summer day bike rides around Vancouver. There would be a ton of jealous people in my circle!

  • Balu says:

    I would buy the Braven Portable Speaker/Charger for gifting to my friend who loves music a lot. Since it’s portable, he could carry and use it anywhere.

  • Ronaldtsc says:

    I would buy Portable Solar Charger because I don’t want my device to run out of battery and this can help to save the Mother Nature with renewable energy.

  • Trần Công Hùng says:

    I love the Portable Solar Charger

  • Nik Green says:

    I think the EDC ‘Everyday Carry’ Kit should be part of everybody’s apocalyptic preparation kit.

    Failing that having tools with the ability to open various alcoholic beverages in the holiday season should never be underestimated.

  • Paul DeFazio says:

    The Braven Portable Speaker/Charger looks like a great way to bring music along on the many adventures that make up a vacation. It’d be great to throw in a beach bag for biking, stargazing, or bonfires with friends, small parties and even on rougher experiences like rafting or rock climbing where music is always welcome, but often hard to get in the form of a high quality durable speaker. It could really bring music into new crevices both in mountains (ha ha) and in my life.

  • Shawn says:

    I am torn between purchasing the Portable Solar Charger and the EDC “Everyday Carry” Kit. I travel a great deal throughout Asia, particularly SE Asia.

    The Portable Solar Charger would allow me to keep my phone charged even in locations without reliable electricity. I have to give serious consideration sometimes to whether my charging my iPhone just might be the thing that pushes a village power system (usually generator-run) over.

    The EDC “Everyday Carry” Kit is alluring because it allows the most useful tools to be carried in a minimum of space – again very useful for back-country travel.

  • tom miller says:

    witty remark for contest

  • Chris says:

    Everyone should have some kind version of the EDC kit, and this one has a great variety in a nice package.

  • Andrew says:

    I would get the portable solar charger for either of my two best friends. They have long rides back from school to home.

  • Fernando Lemos says:


  • Tina says:

    I’d love to have Portable Solar Charger – this thing can really save me because I travel often and don’t usually have access to the plugs to cherga my phone and stay in touch with my work and family.

  • CJ5 says:

    The Portable Solar Charger would be a great gift not only for international travelers, but for the energy-conscious as well. The headache of remembering/finding/packing outlet adapters could finally be lessened, and harnessing solar rays for power help the green movement. I’m considering the charger for my mother-in-law (yes, you read that correctly) since she continuously travels for Doctors Without Borders into areas and regions that don’t always have running water, let alone electricity.

  • Balazs says:

    braven speaker. convincing by its design. must have

  • James Martindale says:

    I would go with the JOOSA External Battery Pack because my life is on my phone, and I’m always needing to charge it, sometimes multiple times a day.

  • Martin R. says:

    The braven speakers kick ass and a definite “want it” for me!

  • Amy says:

    Tough decision! Narrowed down to the solar charger and the portable speaker I think I would go with the portable speaker. I travel often and computer speakers just don’t cut it especially when you’re in the shower and want to sing along with your music! 🙂

  • Wendy says:

    The portable solar charger is a great piece of kit. What a great idea – to charge your phone by an energy efficient means that’s portable and even useable in the great outdoors, away from the luxuries of electricity! What a great product. I’d buy this for myself and for my family since we all love the great outdoors.

  • andrea says:

    I’ll buy EDC kit ’cause it’ll be superhandy and because i love mini screwdriver 😉

  • Cheng says:

    ‘ve seen the solar charger on sale at KGBdeals for many times. I never had the appetite for it on there. ToMo makes it more appealing.

  • Bruce Brown says:

    Portable Solar Charger for my eco nut best friend.

  • Robin says:

    I would purchase the portable solar charger because you can never be to carful . cell phones are a necessity anymore. Best to keep them charged. Its genius

  • I would love to attach the portable solar charger to my attic window. Free energy to charge my devices, neat!

  • academic one says:

    solar charger please.

  • Jana says:

    Yeah for this awesome solar charger! Solar should be our present & future and this little guy is a perfect start for everyone….;) May Your Daze Be Beautiful & Blessed…

  • Brian Seward says:

    The braven 570 so I can jam while biking around town

  • Kathleen says:

    I would love the JOOSA External Battery Pack!

  • dok says:

    braven speakers, they look awesome.

  • Ze says:

    I will buy the Portable Solar Charger by XD Design.

    The product speaks for itself as the brilliant solution to our troubles as a modern day vacationer. The slick design with a touch of simplicity definitely gives it a major plus too.

    But above all, it’s the practicality of the charger being a perfect Christmas gift to my best friend, who has been traveling and volunteering in remote villages, that is the main reason why I will buy it.

  • b says:

    Really nice.

  • Jayro Sandoval says:

    Traveling soon let’s really put these products to the test

  • Nz says:

    Asa Vacation must have I must have that portable solar cellphone charger. Anymore a cellphone is a necessity and so is a portable charger. The solar charger is even more a necessity as sometimes you maybe camping and the only way to get a charge is solar.

  • Grant Wall says:

    Definitely the JOOSA External Battery Pack.

    This would be amazingly useful for keeping a charge while on the go, and stop me from having to hunt down the nearest outlet to get my power fix.

  • kalei wong says:

    Portable solar charger, because anything that can run by solar system is a grea
    t invention plus who doesnt need one when phone batteries of today all died by doing nothing?!

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