Digitalized Evergreen Home

E Home concept is a two part series by designers Jeiyong Chun & Hyunjune Yang where they bring forth their ideas of maintaining a well balanced home environment with sufficient greenery to keep the atmosphere cheery and fresh.

Home, Green Home by Jeiyong Chun consists of a family of five modular units (two green towers, one green wall, one green floor and one green stand) that are sustained by SDPCS. In other words a Smart Digital Plant Care System nurtures the plants with the help of a digitally empowered environment.

Hyunjune Yang’s D’Nature is more about a digital walk in the park; I suppose this simulated greenery is more suitable to Google’s office than a house. The good thing about both the concepts is the inclusion of a green space, which is slowly diluting due to rapid urbanization.

Designers: Jeiyong Chun & Hyunjune Yang of SADI