Moon Table Isn’t Just for Looks

The dining table is the hub of family life. The Moon table, inspired by Moon Type (an alternative to braille), was designed to encourage those who are blind or partially sighted to develop workable systems at the dinner table. Aluminum inlays map the essential paths, intersections, and spheres of use at a dining table. The integration of color and material contrast, edge tracking for navigation, and aluminum feet provide feedback when approached with a cane, make Moon 100% compliant with standard way-finding methods.

Designers: Jackson McConnell, Alex Stewart, and Monika Wensel, in collaboration with Carey Wright (occupational therapy)


  • If it's solving a problem that needs to be solved then cool.
    The table itself is a nice design, but I just hate being told where to sit, maybe I want to sit at the corner.
    I hate being regimented.

  • James says:

    So basically it's taken four people to design a table with some lines drawn on it? Have the blind community been having issues eating at tables up until now that I'm been unaware of? I would have thought as soon as they get to a table and sit down that's pretty much job done otherwise restaurants are a complete no go. I've dined with blind people and there never seemed to be an issue sitting or eating. And if they're that blind then I doubt a few lines would help much. If the 100% blind can work out a system for knowing the difference in their money (notes especially) then I don't see why they'd need help sitting down and finding the edge of a table. Have the designers asked any partially or fully blind to see if this works or is even needed? I also agree with the other comment about being told where to sit. You know what it's like, an extra person turns up one evening, you grab another chair and squeeze in…..oh, but the lines say that's not allowed. You can go sit in the garden and eat there then.

    It looks nice certainly, but perhaps and over thought design for a non-existent problem.

  • Grey says:

    Beautiful table! Simply Beautiful….but like James said, horribly over thought.

  • YUKI says:

    dude, they are not just “lines”, they help the blind to “know” the borders of someone's else food.. don't be so negative.. they were trying to help gosh!

    haters will hate

    awesome idea!

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