Who Wouldn’t Want a Floating Carpet?


We’ve outgrown bouncing castles, kiddie swings, and quite a few other playful/calming things in life… but we find our way around, don’t we? The Levitat is an ageless way to enjoy, unwind, and bond. The three-way floating mat is big enough for a family or a group of friends to lounge on, or for you to meditate on.

Its triangular design makes it great for groups, allowing 3 people or 6 children to relax on its bouncy yet cushion-y fabric. The very idea of being suspended above the ground allows for a completely different experience and feeling, giving people more joy than actually being on the ground. Spread out a picnic mat and you’ll have a regular gathering, put out something like the Levitat and the social get-together immediately becomes exciting and memorable!

Doing the job of a hammock as well as a spread, the triangular aerial mat is designed to immediately give you the feeling of being suspended in space, an emotion immediately known to calm even the toughest nerves. It helps therapeutically, while also increasing blood flow, inherently making you feel relaxed, yet alert. The suspended mat makes an ideal yoga spread too, allowing you to work your core muscles as you balance while exercising or meditating.

The Levitat’s uniqueness stems from its approach towards reinventing how we ‘lounge’. Hammocks are too personal, and a picnic mat is much too boring. The Levitat takes exactly the same amount of space as a picnic mat (it folds compactly into a bag) and comes equipped with a stand, or can easily be hooked to other supports like trees, etc. The fabric is lightweight, durable, and (hallelujah) sand-sifting, making Levitat perfect for all locations including the beach. The Levitat doesn’t come with age restrictions either! Don’t settle for a picnic mat when you can do so much better, right?

Designers: Levitat Design & OiKo Design

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Above is the Levi-stand, designed for any indoor or outdoor location.