We Got Your Ass Covered

The story of how Ass-Savers came to being is a truly inspirational one. Five collaborative friends, one creative direction and full-on eco-sensitive approach to design, led to the birth of the ‘Ass-Savers’, emergency bicycle fenders that save your ‘ass’ from getting wet and sprayed on by the slush on the road. This Friday, twenty-five lucky YD’ers stand a chance to WIN this innovative bike mud-flap; hit the jump to know how.

To WIN The Ass-Savers Bicycle Fenders, answer the following question

  • What is the most creative object you have used to save your ass from the water spray while cycling on a wet road?

Contest Rules

  • Twenty-five Ass-Savers to be WON!
  • Leave your answer in the comments below.
  • Standard Contest Rules Apply.
  • Head to the Ass-Savers site here and indicate in your comment which color fender you’d like to match your cycle with.
  • Contest Closes on 10th September, midnight PST.

More About Ass-Savers

Ass-Savers are all about saving your butt from the spray on a wet road while you ride your bike. It’s been designed to be rattle-free and weighs close to nothing. It folds up neatly to be tucked away under the saddle, until the next rainy day!

Want one extra?

If you mail a picture of your ass saving techniques to [email protected] with the code – YDCOMPETITION, you can WIN an extra Ass-Savers!

Facts about the Ass Saver:

  • Designed to recycle – One part, one material
  • 50% made from already recycled material!
  • Weighs 15 grams. That’s 1/10 of a normal plastic fender!
  • Comes in 10 colors!
  • Will last about 10000 folds!
  • Can be ordered with special print!