We Got Your Ass Covered

The story of how Ass-Savers came to being is a truly inspirational one. Five collaborative friends, one creative direction and full-on eco-sensitive approach to design, led to the birth of the ‘Ass-Savers’, emergency bicycle fenders that save your ‘ass’ from getting wet and sprayed on by the slush on the road. This Friday, twenty-five lucky YD’ers stand a chance to WIN this innovative bike mud-flap; hit the jump to know how.

To WIN The Ass-Savers Bicycle Fenders, answer the following question

  • What is the most creative object you have used to save your ass from the water spray while cycling on a wet road?

Contest Rules

  • Twenty-five Ass-Savers to be WON!
  • Leave your answer in the comments below.
  • Standard Contest Rules Apply.
  • Head to the Ass-Savers site here and indicate in your comment which color fender you’d like to match your cycle with.
  • Contest Closes on 10th September, midnight PST.

More About Ass-Savers

Ass-Savers are all about saving your butt from the spray on a wet road while you ride your bike. It’s been designed to be rattle-free and weighs close to nothing. It folds up neatly to be tucked away under the saddle, until the next rainy day!

Want one extra?

If you mail a picture of your ass saving techniques to [email protected] with the code – YDCOMPETITION, you can WIN an extra Ass-Savers!

Facts about the Ass Saver:

  • Designed to recycle – One part, one material
  • 50% made from already recycled material!
  • Weighs 15 grams. That’s 1/10 of a normal plastic fender!
  • Comes in 10 colors!
  • Will last about 10000 folds!
  • Can be ordered with special print!


  • Hung says:

    good design

  • Nikolai tesla says:

    I used my daughter as a human shield

  • Angelique says:

    I used my handkerchief as a sort of an adult diaper and had an embarrassing ride home

  • Charlie says:

    I used a plywood

  • Miguel R says:

    I once tucked one end of plastic bag in my waist band and then the other end underneath me my a** to stop the spray. #assunsaved.

    I’d like a black one but I wish you guys made a celeste green!

  • kevin says:

    A bunch of paper plates!

  • Josh Winters says:

    2 pens wrapped in a whole foods shopping bag tied to the seat. It worked!

  • Johnny says:

    Nothing yet. But my very own ass-saver would!

  • Anhel says:

    A rolled out soda can. Every time it starts to ran I end up looking for cans to save my ass.


  • olly webb says:

    A dose of “manning up”

  • Emilio Lorenzo says:

    An old rain poncho wrapped around and heat sealed to a piece of cardboard.

  • Nelson says:

    My own ass 😛

  • VEELAJOVI says:

    i always get my back wet when riding

  • Bino says:

    Election poster !!

  • ron kisling says:

    my own ass… and red would be great; but I think it would have to be black

  • Jeff Rogers says:

    I once used a piece of pizza box with some duct tape. Thought it worked pretty well

  • Jeff Rogers says:

    I once used a piece of pizza box with some duct tape. Thought it worked pretty well.

  • SWL says:

    doubtful of the effectiveness. Looks can be improved. Like the simplicity though.

  • sam says:

    What’s a fender? I just change when I get there. #mudstripe

  • gabo says:

    i once used one of my textbooks from school.. next day the teached didn’t really appreciate my cleverness:/

    i would love a kryptonite green one to match my bike!:))

  • John says:

    I looped my U-Lock over the back of the saddle, sat on it to stop it moving and tied a plastic shopping bag round the lock to stop the water passing through! Very happy with myself hehe

    I’d love one in wedding white! ;D


  • Adam says:

    For a while during a long month of constant rain I used an old skateboard deck that I duck taped to my bike seat. It looked ridiculous and was terribly uncomfortable, but was incredibly effective! I’m very proud of that innovation.

    I would love the Zingy Orange Ass Savers, as it would match with my bright blue bike.


  • Andrew Duong says:

    Used a brown paper bag to protect me which was supported by wire hangers

  • Jenny says:

    I made myself a nice tunic out of an orange garbage bag. I’d like the Ass Saver made of 100% recycled material. : )

  • Russ says:

    bungee cord with a 2 litre coke bottle, cut and notched

    invisible ghost

  • Tom says:

    I always use my right hand as a shield and it’s a dangerous solution 🙂
    Invisible ghost – it’s awesome!

  • Kristaps says:

    I usually try to ride in 35° – 45° angle so the water is splashing to the side 🙂

  • Jen says:

    Don’t own a bike yet, but if I did, I’d use a water bottle by cutting it in half from top to bottom.

  • blu guarino says:

    once, out of desperation, i used a prickly pear pad
    notched and tied on my seatpost. it worked…..

  • Dharam Patel says:

    I just rode really slow and used my backpack to save my dairy air.

  • Andrew says:

    Jeans? yeah… haven’t ridden much…

  • GrouchyRob says:

    I ran a couple strips of duct tape down the back of my jacket and across the butt of my jeans. Worked all right but uncomfortable due to the lack of stretch in the tape.

  • GrouchyRob says:

    oh yeah – 100% recycled black or tonka yellow

  • asdfuck says:

    geez but asssss lol!

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