Catch Snazzy Korean Designs @ 100% Design London 2013

Visitors to the 100% Design London event please make due note: Korea Design is an exhibition showcasing the latest furniture, lighting and product design from South Korea. This booth is brought to you by Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) and they are hosting 15 creative geniuses from their home land! Folks at home don’t worry, here is a quick peek at what to expect from these talented young-guns!

Korea Design @ 100% Design London: 18 – 21 September 2013


Exhibiting under the umbrella of 601STREET, you can find quirky products including interior decorations, art books and stationery. Don’t miss the Luminous/L – an ingenious design based on the idea of phosphorescence.


Expect beautifully crafted wooden furniture from artiZAC. This is a design studio founded by two architects, Chul YEO and MyeongSeog SHIN and they have used their talents quite constructively.

Beeeen Company Ltd.

Beeeen offers home accessories inspired by traditional Korean crafts and motifs. The new Dancheong range of accessories will make its debut at the show.

ceramic studio ‘mee’

ceramicstudio ‘mee’ designs and manufactures ceramic products., including lighting and crockery. The Water Drop Shade is their signature product and is a ceramic light shade.


daam-so creates furniture that reflects a dialogue between old and new – products and cultures alike. The design team will showcase their shelving unit – Rubber bands project: Sa Bang Tak Ja and Von.1 Armchair series.

ecojun company

ecojun company focuses on green design products and their ‘original green cup’ is quite commendable. Crafted from biodegradable corn plastic, the cup does not emit traces of chemicals when holding hot water, is naturally decomposed by microorganisms and does not emit harmful gases when incinerated. Love the clever indent for holding the teabag!


IN R&D CENTER is the creator of this beautiful Petrous Zipper Chair. The company focuses on holding a diverse portfolio and have dabbled with home electronics and interior products.


KooN crafts fun and functional products; for example the 2N1 is a multi-functional piece of furniture combining stool, table and storage.

Lightgreen Concept Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for aesthetic ideals with eco-friendly LED technology and smart control systems to improve internal spaces through light, then The Lightgreen Concept Co is who you should be getting in touch with. The new LED light B’SKIT is a highly efficient modular lighting system inspired by the design of a square biscuit.

NJ Lighting

NJ Lighting develops a wide range of eco-friendly ceramic lighting using100% natural materials. All products are made from handpicked raw materials in a protected space that excludes any type of chemical component.

Quantumby Inc.

Quantumby Inc. is a collaborative design company that and has a very cool design philosophy – P.U.V (Positive, Useful and Valuable), and takes a human-oriented design approach based on users’ needs and behaviors.

SEUNG IL CO., LTD. (Design Studio IL HOON ROH)

Architect and designer Il HoonRoh is an architectural graduate amongst other things, his designs combine architectural language with cutting edge design manufacturing. The Rami Bench and Stool series reflect his distinctive style.


Stereotype is an award-winning collaborative design studio and has products like the Cresia DIY modular storage system.

Studio JinhyunJeon

Who can forget Studio JinhyunJeon’s “Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli,” an experimental research project that explores synesthetic effects as a source of design inspiration and latent sensory ability, that challenges social thought patterns around eating.


Founded by the designer Hyeeun Yang, YdesignY is a design studio that aims to bring an element of wonder in everyday objects. For example their Peaked hat Lighting Shade is inspired by the way in which our clothing changes between the seasons. The T4 is a set of triangular trays that is easily assembled using a set of snap buttons.