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Featuring DK’s signature lush, visual style, Great Design provides a fascinating overview of the dynamic history of design from the 1860s onwards. It traces the development of modern design from all corners of the world, including product design, furniture, graphics, industrial design, and textiles.

With more than 100 of the best designs explored and explained, from Bauhaus posters and bubble chairs to the Citroën DS and the iPad, Great Design is a stunning visual guide to the icons of modern design.

Including profiles of influential designers, workshops, and movements, as well as highlighting the key characteristic elements, reading Great Design is like being taken on a tour of a design museum with a personal guide who points out what to look at, deciphers key points of style, and helps you understand what design is and how it works.

To enter, leave a comment below with what you think is the greatest designed product of the 20th-21st century and tell us why. Eleven people will receive a copy of the DK Publishing’s Great Design and one person will receive a $1,000 gift card to

Giveaway open to U.S. residents only. Must be 18 years or older for the grand prize.

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  • Alberto says:

    The mobile phone/smart phone! No other product is as ubiquitous as this, not only useful for business but also for everyday life.

  • Matze says:

    Electric washing machine(s)

    When we are talking about “greatest” design we should think about products or products categories that changed our daily life in a massive social and political way.

    I choose the electric washing machine because it had – compared to other household appliances / inventions) a huge impact in context of women independance.

  • Kwok says:

    Not specifically a product but it formed our product’s today and how we think of design, hence it’s important to design. A idea and visual is needed to form a product, creativity is the core of design. A foundation which forms every product we use today such as ipods to designer furniture are inspired by trend. Design has followed trend since the 90’s, creating multiple design movements which connected society and new inventions together even til now. Not being a product, it act’s as a core for products which allow them to stand where they currently are in the industry. Without trend we can’t understand what is current fashion for design and how it re-creates itself.
    The best product was Trend.

  • Trey says:

    simple the Cell phones
    they keep you in touch with all your love ones.

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