SENZ Umbrella at YD Store – Avail 5% Discount

It’s always raining in some part of the world, and the downpour needs to be combated with Senz! Those of you, who followed the SENZ Umbrella Review on Yanko Design, will agree that it’s a unique umbrella and does it’s job well. So here’s a chance to arm yourself with a SENZ and to make the deal sweet I’ve included a 5% Discount Coupon! Details are inside here……

Discount Coupon Code: YD0524BEDRY

Discount Valid till June 2nd, 11:59 pm PST Offer is now Closed!

Designer: SENZ [ Buy it Here, SENZ Umbrella is available for $54 at YD Store ]

SENZ Umbrella – Avail 5% Discount



  • Amy says:

    This is actually how umbrellas should be!! Gr8…..

  • Amy says:

    This is actually how umbrellas should be!! Gr8…..

  • Oe_soo says:

    I need it when I meet my girlfriend.

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