Are You 100% Korean This September?

Delve into the archives of Yanko Design and you’ll notice that 6 out of 10 designs are by Korean Designers! It’s never been a calculated attempt on our part, but the truth is that their ideas and concepts are so innovative and in-sync with “good design”, that it is hard to ignore. Many of you write in to ask how we find out about these designers; I can’t give out our trade secret, but I can direct you to a place where you can meet them in person and maybe share your passion for design. The Korea Pavilion will be set up at the 100% Design London, this September. They are really eager to show you their ideas and introduce you to their team; maybe even hook-up some business propositions!

For those of who are attending the 100% Design London, earmark their stand L70 (23 – 26 Sept), and those at home, fret not, here’s a peek at what you’re missing…in a two-part series special! Let’s Look at Part I.

Ring For You And Earth by Birthday

Do you recollect the “Only 1°C Change Can Affect Us – Ceramic Cup”? The same design studio is showcasing the Only 1°C change can affect us: Tee shirt and these gorgeous recycle rings! When I visit the Korean Pavilion, I’m heading here first!

Undulating Salad Bowl by Design Now

The Undulating Salad Bowl is quite a quirky design intended for multiple diners. It has a sturdy base, and the Bowl does a complete 360 degree rotation, giving all diners equal access. With its ribbon-shaped base, the Salad Bowl is capable of transforming into various looks. It certainly is a conversational piece for any party!

Glass Tape by 601BISANG

Looking for design with a sense of humor? 601BISANG is the right place to look for it! Their Glass Tape is perfect for mix-and-match & co-ordination and is made with eleven sets and twenty-two different graphics. They will be showcasing many other products like the “Fantasticker”, a translucent, multi-colored pattern sticker in various shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares; you can layer them to create your own set of patterns. The Kraft Post-it: a multi-tasker with its vintage charm of wood-block stamp marks. Leaf Bookmark Note: charming leaves between pages.

The Sharing Teapot by i-CLUE DESIGN

The fascinating i-CLUE DESIGN will be showcasing the Hobi Tree ( a nursing bottle dryer), but I particularly fancy their Sharing Teapot! Based on Korea’s culture of sharing and caring, the teapot allows you to brew two kinds of tea in the same pot! Talk about dishing out a heady caffeinated cocktail!

Transform Tanagram Sofa by DESIGNSKIN

DESIGNSKIN specializes in Children’s toys and their Transform Tanagram Sofa bagged an iF 2010 Product Design Award. If you are taking your little tyke to the exhibition, be sure to let him play with their interactive and imaginative products like the Castle Mat and STAGO SOFA beanbag!

“TA-RAE” Lighting by Design Virus

This is one Korean Virus that you will want to catch, simply because of their astonishing creativity. Who would have thought that spools of threads can transform to such elegant lamps! That’s “TA-RAE” Lighting for you, composed of ten traditional “Seoul colors!”

Tree Bookshelf by designArtist Soh

designArtist Soh’s main objective is to make furniture and art expression as well. Essentially this means they want it to be functional and beautiful to look at. A perfect example for this is the Tree Bookself. I recommend that you also check out the Relation Sheep Stool that will be there at the stand, it will be interesting to see how two people sit face-to-face on a soft sheep-wool-stool and have a conversation!

For this and more fun products, stay tuned for Part II of the Korea Deign Pavilion at 100% London Design festival; right here on Yanko Design!