Friday Giveaway: Win FOUR SETS Of GrowFrames by Trevor Elliott

In this digicam era there still exist old school folks who prefer photo albums and frames on the mantle place. Frames for pictures do have their own charm and no modern gizmo-digital frame can replace it. The GrowFrame are timeless handmade wooden frames with powerful hidden magnets inside, that allow you configure your own unique set. This Friday you stand a chance at winning FOUR SETS of GrowFrames (a set of 4 – 3×3 squares) for your cherished photographs. Details Inside.

All you need to do is watch the video below and tell me how you will customize your 4 GrowFrames with the included wedge connector pieces. You may choose from the 13 options below, or describe your distinct style.

*We are giving away a set each to 4 lucky winners!

Contest Closed.
Designer: Trevor Elliott

The GrowFrame from GrowShow on Vimeo.

Friday Giveaway: Win FOUR SETS Of GrowFrames by Trevor Elliott


GrowFrames are available at the YD Store.



  • Gonçalo says:

    If one could attach nb 7 to the wall, definitely my choice would be nb 7.
    If it's not possible I would choose nb 3 for the mantle.

    Great set of frames!

  • Francesca says:

    n7 is my favourite!

  • Gonçalo says:

    If one could attach nb 7 to the wall, definitely my choice would be nb 7.
    If it’s not possible I would choose nb 3 for the mantle.

    Great set of frames!

  • I would do #13. I love the photo booth look.

  • LeHamilton says:

    Number 3 just looks like the perfect way to make a striking display, fresh but not trying for weird.
    I have just the spot for it!

  • beni says:

    i would do 7, its perfect for the desk

  • Zog says:

    The #6 would be perfect on my desk !

  • Denis Kurpin says:

    I would use two #1s to form a circle with pictures facing outside and set it by the grandmas reclining chair. All she have to do is roll the wheel of pictures to watch the other one.

    • bob says:

      what a great idea! if you put it on a lazy Susan you could create a looping short animation of one of the grandkids running, waving or using sign language to tell her a message. that’s would be great.

  • reva skie says:

    Oh, I love these! I would do two sets of 11 above my fireplace mantle.

  • clay h says:

    probably hang em from the ceiling like a mobile… can they be hung? will they stay together?

  • Mike says:

    I would choose option 4, and put a string down the middle and knot the end. Then hang it from my ceiling.

  • Tim says:

    I take photos of toy robots. I would create one giant Voltron-like robot out of my pictures of smaller robots. Not sure what the actual shape would be yet, that would be determined by the robot pictures I used, and would certainly change over time.

  • Andreia Duarte says:

    Maybe the “Growshow Standard” option shown on the video, apply and extend that throughout 360º on the walls in a small room 🙂
    Or option 10 following a flight of stairs. 🙂 (Sorry my english is not the best one)

  • John Cole says:

    I would have to acquire 4 more once getting the first 4 so that i could recreate the Octagon battle ring of Chuck Norris fame. I would then place a series of Chuck doing a nunchuck move in 8 frames, place the entire structure on a turntable and then spin, creating a nunchuck action animation of sheer awesomeness.

  • Katrina says:

    I think I would make a cube of pictures of random things that makes my world go round.

  • Jeamca says:

    I have random empty spaces on my walls, so n.10 for me!

  • Michelle says:

    These are awesome! I would do configuration #7 with the two in the middle flat.

  • Fernando says:

    this is awesome i would use it for family vacay pics

  • Rachel says:

    i would combine 9 and 10 to make a nice pattern.
    I love these!

  • Brad says:

    I would use #8 (2 x 2) and mount it on the wall. Then I would get 19 more, to create a giant grid 4 high and 5 wide. Then I would place photos that would allow the entire thing to look like pixel art from afar.

  • Alicia says:

    i dig 7 and 13, man oh man i hope i win.

  • Florian says:

    My favourite is 3!

    Yeah nice frames!!!

  • Ethan says:

    I would go with number 3 the but the versatility of being able to change at any moment of time is great so it would probably change often.

  • Amanda Kirk says:

    I like the classic look of number 8. I’m sure I would switch them around all the time though!

  • Alain says:

    I cannot choose one at all, I would play with it do one diferent everyday!

  • tas says:

    the time frame… no 6 🙂

  • steven says:

    13 you could make it look like a strip of film by having a seemingly frame by frame movement with the pictures

  • I love the #13 and the #9, but I am an old school Grandma who loves displaying photos of family and friends-this would be a very unique way to do so!

  • bryan says:

    nice idea. i hope i will get decades of it to put them with my favorite photos around my studyroom.

  • Jen says:

    #12 because it reminds me of tetris!

  • Jake says:

    #8. Gotta keep it simple

  • Patricio says:

    Impossible to choose, if I win it will depend of my mood!

  • bob says:

    i think it would be cool to use configuration #1 and take 4 pictures of my wife from 4 angles, so it would be like looking at her when she looks in those stupid 4 way mirrors clothing stores that make her feel fat…and instead make her feel beautiful BUT the classic would be setting up the Brady Bunch configuration with the family looking at each others squares right? maybe the boys giving each other dirty looks…Isak and Charles fight all the time right now so it would be funny..if I only had 4 we could just have the boys in them fighting. i have 4 sons…which in itself is hilarious.

  • Paul says:

    7, perfect!

  • Cyndi Hitsman says:

    I would turn all 4 photos facing outwards, making a square. It would be perfect on our TV Stand and visable from all angles. I could turn it as I wish! How about 1 photo each of our 4 family members. LOVE IT!

  • Bas says:

    Great idea! But I can’t choose! I’d probably change the configuration every day…Starting with no. 1 but then outwards…


  • Ber says:

    I think I would do something that looks like the number 7, It’s fun and innovative, but also good looking !!!

  • Mark says:

    Just four is a bit limiting, however i would take four pictures of somebody/thing (front, back, left and right), then stick them together so they form a cube. Each side would show the person/thing from another perspective. The more frames – the more pictures and you can create an almost 3d picture.

    Another thought – you can make a very cool genealogy tree, easily modifiable and expandable. The only limits are the size of your walls and the amount of frames. 😉

  • yin sun says:

    number 4 works for me.

  • I am in and i prefer n.4 🙂

  • annie says:

    I am definitely liking #2, and with 4 sets I would put them all next to eachother on my mantel. My family is HUGe so this would be fantastic! thank you!!

  • MSimone says:

    This looks like a great a product, I would set the frames up as per number 3.

  • David says:

    I think I’d sort of invert #1 (picture side out) and wrap them around the base of a candle with pictures of my departed grandparents as a sort of memorial.

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