Underground Bin

The KUKI-BIN satisfies our inherent urge to kick things around. It’s a garbage bin that is placed underground, allowing you to not only thrown rubbish into the pit but also kick stuff in for a good measure. It basically just makes the act of cleaning your streets a bit more playful and even encouraging the kids to participate. Love It!

Designers: Tsewang Gensapa & Mun Kim


  • Mariano says:

    what if an old lady, small kid or any kind of pedestrian steps on that hole and brakes an ankle???
    what happens when it rains? what about the dead tree leafs in autumn?

  • Kay says:

    The concept is interesting, but not executed well. When you design something, you need to always think about the usability. The current design can be dangerous for pedestrians (esp. children, seniors, animal) and almost same as having a huge pot hole on the ground, uncovered. Also, the dimension of the trashcan is too small to be a public trashcan. If this design has targeted environment/users, it will make more sense. Not to mention that it needs better mechanism to keep other things to fall into the ground.

  • stephen russell says:

    didn’t see how city dumps garbage cans, nice idea.
    Need spring to pop up can for dumping alone.
    Esp for NYC, LA CA, other heavy large cities alone.
    & can overflow to street IF NOT dumped.

  • bhavesh says:

    what will happen in rainy season ?
    bin will filled with water and if water filled in underground holes its not easy to take out the water.

  • nawin says:

    Placing a dustbin underground is nice idea, it saves space on ground, but there are so many problems with this deign mentioned by people in comments as wall portability problem, safety, taking out garbage, hygiene and most impotent installing it to a particular place, once installed you can’t change its place.

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