My Entire House be Rearranging Itself, Grid-wise

I just saw an episode of Futurama where instead of the elevator moving though the building, the entire building moved when the button was pressed. This is the SAME THING – except the screaming is for joy, not terror. Let us together usher in this new age of change with the Grid House.

When completed, this Pine St. Private residence will become one of the most sophisticated town homes in the city. When a generous 18’x60′ footprint, this home emphasizes long clean modern lines that draw the eye through the interior space connecting to open green spaces at each end of the home.

The facade of the home will be animated by two stories of wooden privacy screens, deployable according to prevailing functional requirements.

Within the property line is a 2-tier car/garden lift which lowers the car to the basement level, hiding it from view, while creating a private garden space at street level. When raised, the car returns to street level and the garden connects to the 2nd floor master bath/spa area. The third floor contains 2 guest bedrooms & with a third private courtyard space containing access to the cedar roof deck. A long three story skylight over the stairs flood each level of the home with natural light and connect them to the sky above. Folding Nana-Walls are deployed at the edges of each interior/exterior space to create a seamless bond between them.

Living smooth in my Grid House, sitting on my [Ti.Galet], growing my [Sound Garden], hearing some [YO, wireless music], typing on my [World’s Largest Mouse], lol, posting concepts on Yanko.

Designer: Moto Design Shop