Hide your ugly AC unit!

Designers Daniel LiCalzi & Paul Genberg got sick of looking at all of the ugly air conditioners sticking out of people’s windows in the summer, so they’ve created this clever cover that gives the unit a makeover! Babilawn, inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, allows the user to express their own personal style in the form of a mini lawn fit with a tiny white picket fence, daisies, and even a garden gnome! It instantly turns an eye sore into an adorable window ornament!

Babilawn is lightweight, easy to install, and fits any air conditioner! It comes in three sizes each made up of multiples of a single 7.5″ x 10.5″ grass section. Each section has it’s own super strong rare earth magnet that keeps it secured to the top the the air conditioner. This keeps each grass section lightweight and allows Babilawn to be arranged to fit any size air conditioner. Fod odd-size units, Babilawn can be cut down to size with a regular pair of scissors. To avoid overheating or mold growth, each grass section is raised approximately 1 inch off the top of the AC to allow proper ventilation.

Designers: Daniel LiCalzi & Paul Genberg