These prefab Slovenian triangular cabins are the ultimate glamping escape

Slovenian company Lushna builds tiny triangular cabins that function as the perfect nature retreat while providing you with the comfort and shelter of a modern cabin. These micro-cabins were designed to create the ultimate natural experience for you without compromising on comfort and much-required necessities. They come in a variety of prefab options – from sauna modules to bathroom modules to various sleeping units. The little units almost merge completely with the natural environments they are placed, functioning as a harmonious extension of them.

Designer: Lushna

They quite literally function as bedrooms in nature, with an impressive wall glass opening that allows sunlight to generously stream in through the day, making the cabin feel quite open and spacious. Movable beds and shades provide flexibility and privacy. They are built from pine wood or durable massive larch. The villas come in a variety of modules for example – the Villa Air, which is a quaint 110-square-foot cabin featuring a king-sized bed with mosquito nets, waterproof organic cotton canvas covering, lighting, and AC/DC plugs. Villa Massive, on the other hand, has been amped with a ventilation system and exterior LED lighting. It’s quite evidently cozier and better equipped as compared to Villa Air.

The cabins are manufactured off-site and have concrete-free foundations, hence transporting them from one location to another is extremely easy. In fact, simple ground screws from Krinner are enough to set up and support the villas. The installation process is also super fast and efficient. The woods used in the construction of the villas are supposed to age well, hence providing them with a changeable appearance that will only further blend with nature over time.

If preferred, the villas can also be finished with fabric instead of wood, hence providing them with an even more magical or ethereal feel, especially when they glow at night! If you’re a glamping lover, whose looking for a sustainable, simple, and minimal option to camp comfortably outdoors – then the Lushna villas are a great bet. You can pick a module that suits your needs and have it shipped to you wherever you are located, or you could head to Slovenia and experience the nature there.