High-rise Escape

It is a situation that you never want to get stuck in, but should the need arise, then hopefully this Fire Alarm and Escape Box for High-rise Building will bail you out. Essentially this box integrates escape equipment for high floors and places it next to the windows and enclosure wall at each floor. The system is equipped with cloud alarm system, fire extinguishers, Descending Escape Vest DEV and the Extension Breathing Space Hood EBSH. The intuitive use of the graphics guide facilitates fast, simple and safe escape process.

Fire Alarm and Escape Box for High-rise Building is a 2012 TISDC Award entry.

Designers: Cheng-Ming Wang & Cheng-Yu Tsai


  • Christopher says:

    Issues with this device – where to begin…
    You will be castrated by the vest – look at climbing or safety harnesses for some design ideas. How does the user control their descent? Is it all in that handle – better make sure the handle is connected to the harness. Is all that super-thin wire going to fit into a small pocket – remember that you’re going a long way – as this is a high-rise. Your specifications say nylon climbing rope – wrong again. Climbing rope is not made of nylon. Or if the rope is contained in the retraction mechanism, then who is controlling the descent? …

  • Marin says:

    Oh dear! Stop designing stupid “lifesaving” devices like this please. Escape routes are designed to supply this function already and in case of plane crash (which is the only scenario they can fail), this is again useless and a helicopter rescue would be much more effective.

  • stephen russell says:

    Need this for every Hi Rise 200 floors plus & esp those mega towers in China, Dubai being planned or built now
    & for hotels esp worldwide

  • Aruvqan says:

    There is no way in heck that you would get me to strap into a vest and jump off the side of a building – I have crippling terror of heights, I have issues on a third floor balcony … and I highly doubt I am the only person with fear of heights.

    I might use the hood and floor crawl, but out the window on a spiders thread, NO!

  • mimi says:

    Its a good concept.

  • Morpheus says:

    Fine, then burn in the building.

  • Iv An says:

    Almost any hotel owner will immediately suggest one important improvement: a credit card terminal, so one had to check-out before leave. Otherwise people will continue to use these devices to escape in absence of any fire and hotels will continue to sabotage the installation — exactly like that has happened with all predecessors 🙂

  • Ha ha. I’m with you on that one. What about an indoor version that deliberately obstructs your view down below and a recording that repeats the phrase “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” like the Little Red Train 😉

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  • aruvqan says:

    Is this a nonsequitor? This page is for a high rise escape idea, nothing to do whatsoever with refacing kitchen cabinets nor kitchen layouts.

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