Vollebak’s new inclement-weatherproof, 100-year jacket will last far longer than the person wearing it

Vollebak’s new ultimate 100-year jacket is a lot like a bullet-proof vest. It’s something that’s good to wear, but you never hope to be caught in the situation it was designed for. The jacket is strong, resilient, and waterproof enough to survive a thunderstorm, a blizzard in the tundras, or even the kind of weather you’d expect on top of Mt. Everest during the winter-solstice. It’s literally designed to last longer than the person wearing it, and promises to serve not one, but multiple lifetimes. In a world of fast-fashion, Vollebak’s 100-year jacket is the most future-proof urban clothing made.

This jacket falls well within Vollebak’s mission statement, which is to make the most unheard of, absurdly innovative clothing known to man… from apparel made of graphene, to hoodies of carbon-fiber, to even iridescent jackets made to mimic squid-skin. Designed to last well into the 2100s, the 100-year jacket from Vollebak comes made from 3-layers of c-change® membrane, woven together at a fabric mill in Switzerland. Designed for literally the harshest weather conditions on earth, the jacket comes with a 43,000mm waterproof rating (the highest of any fabric) and even surpasses every fabric abrasion test. Even the stitching (which is often the most vulnerable part of any clothing) comes with circular bonded bartacks reinforcing the seams to prevent water from seeping in.

You’d be right in assuming that a jacket that can take 43,000 millimeters of water (without letting a drop pass through) would be uncomfortable and unbreathable, but Vollebak says the c-change® fabric construction has a nifty way of adjusting the body temperature based on external temperature. The fabric’s unique construction allows it to remain breathable to the skin. In the cold, the membrane closes tight to retain internal body heat while trapping the cold outside, but in hotter conditions, the c-change® membrane allows body heat and sweat to pass through from the inside, while keeping any external water from penetrating in… much like an umbrella’s fabric that blocks water one-way. The jacket also comes with water-proof zipper-lined pockets on the outside for carrying belongings, along with openable armpit-vents to dump out excess heat when the mercury begins rising. A high-collar helps protect your face, while a hoodie covers your head efficiently even in the harshest of downpours, blizzards, or near-apocalyptic weather… for a comfortable 100 years.

Designer: Vollebak